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smart watch with camera

best 5 smartwatch with camera

Smartwatch with camera

1.Smart Watch, Smartwatch for Android Phones, Smart Watches Touchscreen with Camera Bluetooth Watch Phone with SIM Card Slot Watch Cell Phone Compatible Android Samsung iOS Phone XS X8 7 6 5 Men Women


smartwatch with camera4

This smart watch is so adorable!Great Smart Watch for Android Phones. I put mine on a paper plate so people really think its a donut and they wonder where my music is coming from.+ Donut shape!Excellent smartwatch. + Good and loud sound quality; Dual speakers!+ Super easy to pair and re-pair+ 8 hours + play time+ NFC compatible; for devices equipped with NFC function. Effortlessly pair without going into settings+ Aux input; to save battery, I sometimes use a auxiliary cable instead of BluetoothLove the donut shape of this speaker and the sound quality is nothing to be shy about because it is loud with a slight kick to the bass.If you are seeking for something out of ordinary, this speaker is just the right thing for you.

Buy Now : $35.99 




2.Smartwatch for Android, Bluetooth Smartwatch Touch Screen Sport Wrist Watch Smartwatch Phone Fitness Tracker with Camera Pedometer SIM TF Card Slot for All Smartphones Samsung (Black-X6)

Buy Now  $34.99

3.SmartWatch, Bluetooth Smartwatch Touch Screen Wrist Watch with Camera/SIM Card Slot, Waterproof Phone Smart Watch for Men Women Sports Fitness Tracker Compatible Android Phones Samsung Huawei Black

Love this watch. Was looking for something other than a Fitness watch that would vibrate when I got a message on my phone. This last me all day and I end the day on about 20% battery life. This beats paying $400 for a newer version.smartwatch with camera3best 5 smartwatch with camera 1


Buy Now: $36.99 


4.TicWatch E Bluetooth Smart Watch, Google Assistant, Wear OS by Google Smartwatch,Compatible with iPhone and Android (Shadow)


smartwatch with camera2best 5 smartwatch with camera 2This is a fantastic watch. Really great speaker quality, very fast, very light, great operating system and app store. There are many positives to it. I can play my Spotify music directly on my watch without my phone with an app called wearify. Even if they just have wifi that’s fine. Still works. So if you go to the gym without your phone it’s fine as long as they have wifi. And call quality is great. Talk to text and Google assistant are probably the best parts of it. Texting is easy with Googles talk to text. It’s so accurate and fast. And for example. I asked Google assistant what Chinese restaurants are near me. It came up with the whole list and allowed me to navigate to it directly on my watch. I have Google maps installed. I am thrilled with this watch. The one and only negative is the battery life. But it’s fine. I unplug at about 6 and have to plug in about 7-8 at night. Sometimes a little sooner. I text and make calls from it though throughout the day. There are just so many positives though that that one thing is swept under the rug. It really is a great watch. Especially for the price.


Buy Now: $129.99

5.SmartWatch, Bluetooth Smartwatch Touch Screen Wrist Watch with Camera/SIM Card Slot, Waterproof Smart Watch Sports Fitness Tracker Android Phone Watch Compatible with Android Phones Samsung Huawei 5 smartwatch with camera 3 They call this the most comfortable watch and I totally agree this is replacing my Huawei watch which was much heavier on my wrist. They are both android wear so they are pretty much the same watch with the button on the other side which was really easy to get used to. I love my new watch its super smooth and reliable it seems well made just not sure how it will hold up in the long run. But for right now its so comfortable and great looking this has won a place on my wrist.

Buy Now: $36.99 

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